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London in Prague


London in Prague is a conference that this blog is organizing with Ogilvy.  The key goal of the conference is to offer an alternative to the traditional way in which we gather knowledge about people and how to translate this knowledge into ideas for new products and communication.  The members of the "Perfect Crowd" who will appear in Prague on the 11th of October - Richard Seymour, Greg Rowland, John Kearon and Matt Hart -  are successful at what they do. And they are "being real" when it comes down to understanding of people and their interactions with products and brands. They have replaced the one way mirror, the deep drills into the minds of consumers and the 19th century quantitative research with its dreadful, endless questionnaires by observation of people in their homes, semiotics and wisdom of the crowds. I hope that the people attending the conference in Prague will have similar feeling to that I had when I met the guys in London and learned about their work: feeling of liberation knowing that it is possible to get real and do things differently.


From the top of a fridge


Mirand July and her site.

Just brilliant! Simple and very impactful.  Every message coming from a TV and/or flashy Power Point presentation seems like a fake (or even more of a fake) after one has seen a message written on the top of a fridge.   

Via  Design Observer and thanks to Jan Sabach for the tip.