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How tarots help in marketing

Tarot cards have a long history of mysticism and prophecies. First of all lets look at tarot cards what they are. For the marketing sake we're fine with the basic card deck of 22. I am aware that I will talk about tarots in a rather simpler way - so all tarot experts have to excuse this as this is an extremely brief introduction of an alternative approach.

Tarot cards maybe understood as a somehow typical lifecycle from the very beginning (the card  of Fool) to the very end - the absolute enlightment and wisdom (the card of World). This lifecycle covers both good and bad things in life and holisticaly is dual and incorporates in different cards various life crossroads.

In simplicity the cards point to situations in life which if handeled, you are pushed into a different  stage, you observe your lifecycle on a different card. The rich symbolism and colours create the entire setting and it may serve as an inspiration to draw parallels,to get inspired on how to solve situations or simply get new ideas to think about. There isn't a good or bad card, there are cards and all of them are dual in there essence - that gives you the power to interpret.

Marketing is absolutely the same, your campaign, your brand copies a certain lifecycle and we need to understand it. We need to get inspired and see the symbols connecting back to our target groups.

Why not use tarot cards if they have proven symbolic value and a tie-back to people and it follows narrativity. Yes tarot cards can even help you build up an archetypal story - the narrativity - so much needed to connect with consumers. Not to just give them the flashy "5% off next month", but to establish an emotive connection with your ad, campaign or brand.

I find a small, but a useful helper in tarots. I use them dominantly for inspiration, but sometimes
when I want to build up a story I mess around with the deck and just visualize in a different angles the story - where it's going and what it's doing. Sometimes I try to look at the various roles in the campaign - or what have you - through this tarot prism. Some times it's a waste, but sometimes I come up with interesting stuff. Well maybe if you're right now in an inspirational blind spot, this might help you.